house clearances Portsmouth
house clearances Portsmouth

Empire Clearance Company Hampshire: house clearances Portsmouth

How does your clearance service work?

Its simple , you give us a call and arrange for us to meet you at the property at a time convenient to you. Once we have viewed the job and established exactly what you need done we will give you a quote. If you are happy with the quote we can start the work as soon as it suits you.

Do I need to get anything prepared before you clear the property?

No, we do everything from bagging the rubbish to clearing out all the cupboards and drawers and sorting what can be recycled and salvaged for resale.

How much does it cost?

This depends on various factors, firstly how much needs to be tipped, the time the job will take and what can be resold. In general we make allowances for items that we would purchase from you for resale then we assess the amount of items to be tipped and recycled . In some cases we make a charge for clearing the property or if the value of what we want to keep is greater we pay you the difference. Every job is different and unless you only have one or two specific items to clear we will need to view the job to give you an accurate quotation.

Do you pay for items you can sell?

We are always keen to buy any saleable items, If your clearance is only of saleable items we will make you an offer for the items, if you are agreeable with the offer we can collect the items at any time that suits you.

What if we want to keep certain items?

The contents are yours to do as you wish, if for instance you want us to clear the property of a deceased relative and you wished to keep some items for yourself we can clear the property and arrange for delivery of the items you wish to keep to your desired location.

Are you licensed to carry waste?

We certainly are, our license is issued by DEFRA and we would like you to ask to see it before we carry out any work. It is a little known fact that members of the public have a DUTY OF CARE to ensure that anyone handling waste on there behalf is licensed by DEFRA to do so. Our license number will be on your invoice so you always have a record of it for future reference. It is not unknown for people to have legitimately paid for waste disposal services from unscrupulous operators who have no license and ended up finding themselves in court if the waste has not been disposed of illegally.

A comprehensive, professional house clearance service with a sympathetic approach.
Based in Hampshire, we aim to reduce stress & make the process simple.

house clearances Hampshire

house clearances Hampshire